Strategies to Score Big

Building Marketing Campaigns That Convert

To score a winning goal, you need to take your shot at exactly the right time with precise aim. Scoring deals in the marketing game involves a similar focus on perfecting your aim – which means you need the perfect campaign in place to pull off the right moves.

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A drip campaign is a series of marketing emails delivered incrementally over a period of time. Once set up, drip campaigns serve as an automatic way to stay top-of-mind with your leads, build brand awareness, manage relationships, and increase your sales rates.

Once you’ve outlined the particular email sequence, a drip campaign is pretty easy to create. You can build a marketing automation campaign with Brandit’s platform using educational content designed to provide users with valuable and relevant information. You can build a campaign to nurture leads down the sales pipeline, sending them emails with calls to action and incentives to convert. Other types of drip campaigns include upselling and cross-selling campaigns, welcome and onboarding campaigns, campaigns geared at increasing brand awareness, and much more.

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*In this series of Brandit Blogs, you’ll see some examples of different types of campaigns and get a better understanding of how to build your own.

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