Marketing Automation is Like a Good Exercise Program.

Strategy. Consistency. Hard work. Time.

Marketing automation and exercise are two things that may not seem to line up next to each other… until you see they both require a strict routine for success.

Lifting weights and running on a treadmill are not things you can perfect overnight. Building muscle and stamina takes time and requires building consistent, repetitive routines to keep increasing your strength in these areas. Much like marketing your business, you cannot simply set a goal and hope it works right away just because you want it to. We need to put in the effort and hard work to connect all the pieces. Accepting accountability is step one.

Strategy: Where would you like to see your business in one month, six months, or one year? What are your goals for achieving success and how are you going to get there? From deciding to hire a trainer (or trusty marketing agency), to teach you the ropes all the way to crossing the finish line of a marathon, there are a lot of muscles moving in between. First, we need to develop a plan, a workout regime. Just as there are multiple different muscle groups in the human body, there are multiple facets of marketing that also require their own time and special attention. Doing research to better understand which workouts each muscle group needs will only make your time at the gym more valuable. Same goes for marketing services when creating the perfect strategy for your business. From legs to arms, or email drip campaigns to retargeting, stretching and working out all groups individually ultimately creates a stronger body.

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Consistency: You can run one mile in just under 9 minutes. What if you want to be able to run that in 6 minutes? Whether you’re choosing to focus on a long term or short term goal… You need to train on a consistent schedule. Squats and lunges will help strengthen the muscles in your legs, and running every other day will help build your stamina. If your website only gets 10 views a day, but you want it to get 30 views or more a day, you need to plan on a consistent marketing schedule. More digital ads and social media posting will help broaden our scope of viewers, and following up with qualified leads and interested clients will help solidify trusting relationships. The possibilities are endless once you’ve decided on goals and timelines that are suited to you and your business.

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Hard work: This is where the next step in our regime can take the most effort… Being able to be consistent to a workout schedule will only better your results in the long run. If you set your goal to running a mile at 6 minutes but you give up on your training after a week because it deems itself kind of challenging, you will never be able to reach that goal. If you decide to post an ad on social media but don’t see instant reaction from customers or clients, does that mean you shouldn’t post another? Absolutely not. Maybe you need to start with healthy diet and nutrition to better fuel your energy before a run… and maybe nurturing your mind daily with competitive analysis information and keeping yourself informed on your industry’s patterns can help determine the steps we take with the next round of ads.

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Time: I’d love to say that after one week of training your 6 minute mile is behind you… but that is usually not the case. The composition of a newly established routine and training yourself to wake up every day and follow a strict regime can be tough. If you want to reach a brand new demographic by summer time or organically infiltrate new geographies over a few months, there are so many different marketing strategies that can be integrated into your timeline. Tailoring your goals to your wants and needs, staying consistent to yourself, and being willing to keep going even if the first couple of times you fail, you are guaranteed to succeed.

*In this series of Brandit Blogs, you’ll see some examples of different types of campaigns and get a better understanding of how to build your own.

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