A Fantastic Brand Story is like a Great Movie Trailer

Storytelling, taking your customers along a journey

Have you ever seen an amazing trailer for a movie that has you counting down the days until its release? That’s the power of telling a great story. When you’re invested in a good story, your brain physically responds to it. Much like a movie, your brand needs to build great anticipation and interest.

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A well written story about your brand triggers a biological response and will grab the attention of, elicit emotion in, and engage your audience. Hence, we get anxious during a horror movie when certain eerie music is played just prior to the scary scenes. By using multiple mediums such as video, audio and visual content you are actively connecting with your customers at different levels. Customers don’t want to be talked at or sold to. Instead, you need to provide them a reason to connect with your brand.

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Whether it’s the story of how you built your business and your culture or the story of how your product improves people’s lives, telling a unique brand story is one of the most effective ways to entice, engage, and encourage people to build a relationship with your brand.


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