7 Easy Ways to Multiply Your Conversions

A Changing Digital Landscape

Ask marketers what their goals are, and one of the first things they will say is “to deliver a more personalized experience to their customers.” This isn’t a goal aimed solely at increasing conversions; it’s also about meeting customers’ growing expectations.

To put this into context, five years ago people were awed when Amazon could recommend a product they’d love. Today, users expect that Netflix will recommend to them another binge-worthy series based on their tastes. In fact, nearly 74% of users get frustrated with websites that don’t deliver personalized content.

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So how does a marketer meet this high demand for personalized communications? The answer is in understanding the power of marketing automation with dynamic content and how it makes static content marketing obsolete.

*In this series of Brandit Blogs, you’ll see some examples of different types of campaigns and get a better understanding of how to build your own.

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Marketing Automation

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